Pls help me choose....

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  1. If you can only choose one bag,which one will you choose?

    1.LV L'Épanoui GM
    2.Chanel luxury line bowling bag?

  2. A tough decision. Do you already have an LV or a Chanel?
  3. I have few chanels and few LVs. But I dont have a suhali bag and I heard Chanel luxury line is limited edition. So.....
  4. Chanel Lux line!!! HANDS DOWN!-Saw it today and bought one...unbelievable bags....Let us know what you get!
  5. Chanel!
  6. Chanel
  7. Again, Chanel. Be crazy to say this, not a huge LV lover.
  8. I don't want to go Google photos. Can you post them please?
    I wanna weigh in on this!
  9. Chanel Luxury line, beautiful bags.
  10. Go Chanel !
  11. Jill, I have seen your post on Chanel that you got shopping tote in luxury line. I am little bit confused cause the feeling of the leather is goat skin for me and the SA told me as well. You said it is lamb tote so maybe it comes with lamb skin as well?
    The shopping tote has two sizes--medium and large, I pre-ordered the medium one, the large one is pretty much like a weekend bag for me. I pre-ordered the red color, so stunning! What kind of color did you get? PLS do post pic....They all look so yummy. And the lining for the red tote is beige leather. No wonder it is called luxury line.:shame:
  12. chanel wins my vote too