pls help me choose......

  1. hi ladies i cant decide between getting a speedy 35 or azur speedy?ive attached pic of my lv babies but ive jus sold my very used speedy 30 and josephine gm my very luv and used lv is the neverfull mm.will like to get another lv,do u ladies suggest azur speedy 30 or mono speedy 35 i m living in a tropical island singapore:smile: dillema.
    is the azur hard to maintain easily stain?pardon my poor english,thanks
    LV Bags.jpg
  2. Azur :smile:
  3. Azur.
  4. Azur!
  5. Azur speedy would be a nice addition for variety.
  6. The azur does not easily stain. I think you should definitely add an azur speedy into the mix!
  7. since you live in such a tropical place, i say azur!
  8. since you already have the neverfull in mono, I'd get the azur ... I love me some diversity, lol :p
  9. Another vote on Azur:smile:
  10. Azur
  11. azur ... for sure!
  12. Azur :smile:
  13. Go for the Azur.
  14. Another vote for azur, although I do love a big speedy!
  15. azur :biggrin: