Pls. help me choose.

  1. I.m new here. Now,i have BBag in marine GH city and blue glacier RH city.What's next ? Between truffle twiggy , violet/grape twiggy or black twiggy.Thx .
  2. I vote for violet twiggy!
  3. VOILET TWIGGY all the way!!!!!!!!!
  4. another for VIOLET puuurrrty
  5. Violet Twiggy without a doubt.
  6. Well, I'll probably be the only one thinking like that, but violet does have some blue in it... althought is one of the "hottest" colors of the season... I would suggest a Sienna twiggy (I think corresponds to tabac).
    Just to add a warmer color to your collection. But it's just an opinion. :smile:
  7. get the violet while you can!! an amaizng splash of color!!
  8. VIOLET twiggy all the way!
  9. I will vote for truffle twiggy :yes:
  10. I would get the black, violet is so pretty but personally it woudn't match my wardrobe it all depends on yours!
  11. Truffle?!! i thinks it the new Black.. Matches everything..
  12. Violet Twiggy!:tup:

    I'll buy it soon!:woohoo:
  13. Violet Twiggy! :smile:
  14. truffle twiggy!
  15. Another vote for violet! She's just so beautiful.