pls help me choose

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Pls help me choose 2 style bag

  1. satchel

  2. small totes

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  1. both small size ...

    600x450-2007042200019.jpg 600x450-2007042200016.jpg
  2. First one. OMG, that's so cute. :smile:
  3. Love them both but the satchel is not as common and bloody adorable!
  4. I like the 2nd one ;)
  5. the first one, it seems more practical too
  6. I prefer tote :yes:
  7. like the satchel! :tup:
  8. i love the first one
  9. Such a hard decision! In the end I will say satchel because you can zip it up unlike the totes.
  10. I like the tote.
  11. the first one. :yes:
  12. I have the small tote, love it.

    The first one is nice too.
  13. small tote
  14. satchel. #1 it's cute!
  15. tote!