PLS HELP Me choose?

  1. I am having a hard time to decide...My first Birkin is the Blue Jean Togo 35 PH...Now I can't choose between 2 Birkins 35 for my 2nd Birkin. First option is Red Epsom GH and the other one is Marron Fonce in Chevre? If I were you, what would you choose? me decide. Thanks!:confused1:
  2. I vote for marron fonce in chevre.
  3. Definitely marron fonce in chevre.
  4. marron fonce in chevre
  5. Marron fonce in chevre too.
  6. Chevre anything....marron is nice too
  7. I agree with everyone else...if offered chevre...always go for it...
  8. ITA- Marron fonce definitely. I think a neutral bag would make a great second Birkin!
  9. marron fonce chevre no question-
  10. Thanks....Ladies! one more question...what kind of leather is Epsom? I believe, chevre is goat skin? Am I right? I really have no idea the diff. between them, coz everyone voted for chevre.

  11. chevre is goatskin and shiny and more like an exotic b/c of the interesting patterns of the skin. epsom is very structured calf skin with a tiny grain and matte finish --it is also very pretty but chevre is just outstanding and more unusual ....
  12. OMG....You're all great! Thanks for that info, now I won't have second thoughts for that chevre. Definitely will go fot it. Thanks to all!! this forum!
  13. Another vote for Chevre here :tup:
  14. Definitely Marron Fonce in chevre, no doubt about it.
  15. Another vote for Marron Fonce Chevre......without question!

    If presented with both Epsom and Chevre? I'd grab the Chevre in a hot second!!!