Pls help me choose my next bracelet

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  1. Hi All,
    I own a PG classic love 4 diamonds, a PG small love, and added a PG JUC with diamonds over the spring. Trying to plan my next addition. Would you suggest I add another PG classic love (no diamonds) OR another PG small love? You all always help guide me well so your advice is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi !
    As you have already a small PG Love, i think PG classic will complete your collection.
  3. Thank you Zibeline91!
  4. Can’t really go wrong. Would love to see your stack.
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  5. Agree with above. You can't go wrong. You already have a small love, it's time to try the regular love.

    If, if, money is not a problem, I suggest you save up and get a small PG pave one. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    I'm really an enabler, but there's something about pave LOVE that I just adore.
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  6. I love the pave love as well and it works beautifully with what i have...But I'm having trouble stomaching the cost! Just to be clear, I have the small and regular already... was trying to decide between adding another regular versus another small.
  7. The pave LOVE gives just so much more spark to a stack that i would highly recommend to go for it. I always felt incomplete without one and I like my stack so much more since i added it.
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  8. Do you have the traditional pave or the thin? What color? Do you wear it 24/7 along with the others? My wife want's to add a pave to her stack, she likes the thin I like the traditional. Quite the dilemma!

  9. Well, I wear them 24/7 for a couple of weeks, than I try something else before I come back to LOVE bravelets in the one or the other way. I vary them quite a lot. I have just traditional ones, paved or plain.