Pls help me choose my Mommy's B-Day pressie

  1. Hello dear LV family,

    This is my first post on the LV forum as I'm a Balenciaga lover myself :yes:
    I'm trying to decide on my mother's birthday present and I think an LV handbag would make her a VERY happy lady. Now considering the fact that I'm completely :shrugs:clueless:shrugs: when it comes to LV, your educated opinions would be so helpful. If you were my Mommy - and this was your first LV handbag - which one would take you over the Moon?! If you could post pics it would be greatly appreciated!! TIA! Cheers!
  2. The Speedy is VERY popular along with the Popincourt Haut, Batignolles Horizontal, Cabas Piano, and Alma.

    I also suggest the Multipli-Cite and MC Aurelia MM.
  3. I'd get her the monogram's a very lovely, classic bag. I offered my mom a speedy I wasn't using anymore, and she literally grabbed it out of my hands and exclaimed "Yes! I want it!!"
  4. I think the Alma would be a great classic choice.
  5. You can never go wrong with mono speedy!
  6. I would get my mom a Damier speedy! I think it looks so elegant and classy.
  7. If she likes big bags, go for batignolles horizontal, it's relatively inexpensive and very popular.
  8. I would get the damier alma sooo classic!
  9. either epi or damier piece so she doesn't have to worry about vachetta
  10. Well my mom's fav bag outta my lil collection is Manhattan PM, she LOVES this lil guy!:yes: Usually she HATES the monogram canvas, but iono... as soon as I showed that bag to her when I first bought it, her eyes lit up like lightbulbs....:shrugs:
  11. Mono Speedy 30 or the Alma!!!
  12. Does your mom have a bag style preference? My mom hates hand held bags so every bag she gets has to fit over her shoulder. But currently my mom loves the Epi leather line :yes: because it rains so much here she likes not having to worry about the vachetta.
  13. I vote for epi can go to eluxury to check photos & price:yes:
  14. I'd go for either a black Epi Jasmin, Monogram Batignolles Horizontal or a Damier Speedy 30.

    Jasmin (shown in Mandarin):

    Batignolles Horizontal:

    Damier Speedy 30:
  15. monogram speedy or damier speedy