Pls help me choose> LvoePM & ReadePM amarente


Help me choose LvoePM & ReadePM Amarente

  1. LvoePM

  2. ReadePM amarente

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  1. please help me choose one...:confused1:

    Slide1.JPG Presentation2.jpg
  2. I love the amarante reade PM -- get it!
  3. the LVOE PM tote isnt that structured in person... i vote for amarante
  4. im a little underwhelmed at the lvoe. go amarante
  5. I love the Amarante Reade! I saw the Love2 tote in real life, but I'd definetly choose the reade over the PM tote! :tup:
  6. Lvoe PM now and Reade later.
  7. Please do not pay $500 for a canvas tote bag.
  8. readpm
  9. amarante! much better! :tup:
  10. Get the Reade PM. A lot of folks have been saying that LVoe tote looks cheap in real life.
  11. I would choose neither...:push: But if I have to choose between these two then--------> Amarante for sure, if you don't mind about the annoying fingerprints.

    I only bought the cles in amarante..i guess for me this is good enough for this color:p
  12. Definitely reade!
  13. reade gets my vote.
  14. I voted for Reade.... too gorgeous!
  15. LVOE PM vote here!