pls help me choose between '06 large black matelasse or an '09 Officier city??

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  1. decisions..decisions:confused1:
  2. 09 Officier city!;)
  3. 09 Officier city all the way
  4. :yes::yes::yes:
  5. OFFICIER CITY OVER AND OVER AGAIN !!! it's such a classic style and stunning color - you WILL NOT regret it !
  6. Officier City!
  7. Another vote to Officier City!
  8. officier city, no doubt!!! everyone is lusting for this color. in paris, they start having two of these, and sold out in one day!!! it'll be a hot and hit color!!
  10. officierrrrr city! I am waiting on mine too :smile:
  11. Officier:smile:

    Go go go!
  12. I'm really liking the new blue, so that's one more vote for Officier!!!!!!
  13. Yet another vote for the city :P
  14. Officier city, for sure!
  15. and another for Officier! ;D