Pls help me choose a wallet..Bal money or LV Vernis

  1. I've ordered 2 BEAUTIFUL red wallets online & they both came at the same time! I love them both but can't keep both: Louis Vuitton Sarah wallet in Pomme & Bal Money in Coq. giant rose gold. Please let me know if you have either wallet or both & which one do you think easier to maintain or last longer. The LV Vernis Sarah cost $790 but the Bal Money is $555. I'm worried that the sides of the Vernis will crack/peel & the Bal will look worn out very soon. What do you think? Thanks in advance for all your inputs!
  2. I like both, but when I was a big LV fan (my pre-Bal days) and considering a Vernis wallet, the SA mentioned they are prone to picking up colour transfer. So I'd go for the Bal.
  3. If there were not any colour transfer issues I'd pick the LV vernis just because it is SO glossy!! :smile: But then again you'd get fingerprint marks?!
  4. Yeah I heard about the color transfer too but mostly on the light colored ones. I wonder if it would happen to the red?
  5. I know! The DH who's not into brand name said that it looks plastic! :noggin: With this Pomme color the fingerprints dont' seem like a problem. Maybe I should get the damier ebene instead...
  6. Funny, I've been doing tons of research lately on LV wallets. Ultimately, I just ordered a Damier Azur Sarah wallet because the vernis fingerprints and color transfer issues really put me off. (I know though I'll have to be careful with the white print). Anyway, I also have a Bal wallet and surprisingly it's held up really well. Doesn't look any more used than when I got it last year. I think Damier Ebene Sarah would be the absolute hardiest wallet that would show the least amount of wear, but it is quite a bit pricier than a Bal money. The red with rosegold combo is very stunning too! Sorry I don't think I've really helped you but both are beautiful.
  7. Congrats on your Azur wallet! Yes it must be hard to keep clean but much easier to clean than the color transfer! I have a neverful mm & speedy 25 in azur & all i need is baby wipes to clean the canvas if it ever gets dirty.
    Both are gorgeous color & that's why I can't choose. But then again, I really want a wallet that will last me years & practical for everyday use. I only like to use 1 wallet for all purses.
  8. I have a LV Pomme ZCP & just recently got a DV Money GGHW & I love them both so I can't really choose but my LV Vernis still looks brand new after a year of using it every day with no colour transfer so I don't think thats a problem & also Pomme doesn't seem to get noticeable fingerprints I think thats more the Amarante colour...... I am surprised at how the Bal money wallet is easy to use & so many compartments plus its a lot cheaper.
  9. i don't have either, but i always liked lv for their slg. so i'll vote for the vernis wallet. :smile: