Pls help - LV or Coach???

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  1. I am in need of some expert advice here! I am trying to decide between purchasing an LV Damier Speedy 25 and a Coach patent leather tote. This is the thing: I have an LV Cabas Piano and myriad Coach bags. I really really want the Damier, but I also love this Coach patent tote in mahogany. The LV is $595 and the Coach is $358 plus I have a 25% off card. If the price were the same, there would be no question. LV for sure. I don't want both, but I hate to waste the coupon, so which you guys choose??
  2. Do you have pics of the Coach patent tote? I'm not familar with that bag.
  3. If you truly love both equally, I would get the Coach FIRST to utilize the coupon, and then save up for the LV. The Damier Speedy is not a limited edition so you will be able to purchase it down the line. Doesn't Coach have a quick turnaround on many of their you see it, now you don't?;)
  4. I agree with Kitsunegrl - get the Coach to take advantage of the 25% off coupon...and then put the money that you saved aside and start saving for the LV.
  5. Although I'm partial to LV, being that I just bought the Damier Speedy 30 myself :P , I'd have to agree with everyone here to make use of your 25% off coupon. You can always get the Damier Speedy later, since it's part of their permanent collection, though I wouldn't wait too long since LV raises their prices every year! ;)
  6. Oh I would have to go with Coach only because of the money aspect of things at this time. Gotta take advantage of the coupon I think. Love the Damier Speedy and I think you will get a lifetime of use from that sweet bag in the future also!
  7. Thanks! By the way, should it be the Speedy 25 or 30? Now I'm confused. I guess I could post on the LV site.
  8. ^^ Good idea, plus also check out the Visual Aids subforum.
  9. i'm not a fans of coach, so i'm biased to say LV damier speedy :P
    and i like the 25 better than 30 :yes:
    good luck!
  10. I would go for the Coach since you have a 25% coupon - might as well take advantage of it. :biggrin:
  11. agree with everyone for Coach--love the patent tote and you have a 25% coupon! the LV will always be around. which color are you thinking? I adore the blue and mahogany
  12. i had the same problem - only with coach signature tote not the patent. in the end i decided to get the damier speedy. why? first off, im in love with the damier pattern. second it's not screaming LV (although this might not be applicable to you since you're eyeing the mahogany patent).

    but yeah be sure to use the coupon though. maybe purchase something as a gift?

    im not much of a help am i? :Push:
  13. I'm a Coach/LV gal myself, but since you have that awesome 25% off coupon I say you use the coupon and get the Coach first and save for the LV like Kitsunegrl said. Best of luck with the choice!
  14. I would get the Coach since you have the coupon for it. Then, save up for the LV. I agree both are beautiful bags!
  15. well LV is due for a price increase and imho nothing can compare to LV.

    also if you want this Coach bag go for it, but personally i haven't seen Coach come out with anything amazing in about three years. but we all have different tastes so if you can justify that go for it.