Pls Help......Lindy Lagon?

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  2. Dear Guest,
    If you've been around here for a while, you may know that @Vlad and I love a good April Fools' Day joke that we try to pull off yearly. Many times, our members forget and we get them, one time making everyone turn into Vlad, another year with a garishly awful new design, and another year no matter what button you pressed we alerted you that you requested your account terminated. It's always brought us such joy to have fun with you all, especially when we try to pull off a forum wide joke one day a year.

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  1. Hi everyone......Pls help me find a lindy 34 in Lagon color? Is it true that
    they will not make lagon color anymore? Thanks.....
  2. I think Ranag has a lindy in lagon. There should be a picture of it in the reference thread for blues. Maybe if you PM her she will let you know the status of that bag in that color.
  3. last i heard they weren't going to make lagon anymore. i got one in 30 and it's really a great color but i got it by chance (saw it in vegas, slept on it and bought it the next morning). good luck on your search. you can always have your SA make some calls to find one for you.
  4. thanks so much!:biggrin: