Pls help! im a newbie!

  1. hello all! im relatively new to this forum. Im looking to buy my first B-bag but i need some input and info regarding the colors, style and what not. I want an everyday color and style that i can use to my everyday errands :crybaby: (school play, grocery shopping)... plesae help!!!!

  2. If you'll look over you can find out a lot of info. so you can make the best decision for you. GOOD LUCK!
  3. wow! thank u so much! very informative site indeed! I will go to Neiman Marcus tomorrow to check some B-bags!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  4. Welcome to the Bbag addiction! ;)

    Let us know ya decision after checking out your options!!
  5. Good luck at Neiman's !!!!!! Wait until you touch a B bag for the very first time !!!!
  6. It sounds like the City size might be good for you -- you can fit a lot in it with everything easily accessible.

    After style, you big choice will be color, nothing too light probably. But don't be afraid of a bright color, like the new aquamarine that's come out -- you will always enjoy looking at it!
  7. i would say go for a black city. it's classic, timeless and functional
  8. i would recommend the shopper bag or the work bag
    which have more room to put stuff in there
  9. i would recommend black city or work :yes:
  10. ^ a black city or a city in a dark color, so u don't have to worry about stains while running around doing errands, etc! The box style is practical, too--w/a strap for hands-free movement...but a discontinued style for this u may have to look on eBay!
  11. :smile: Hi!! I a relative newbie too... let me warn you - its addictive!!

    I have a city on the way, and I am looking forward to the size... I think its going to be perfect for running errands and day to day stuff... I have a first and it is great for days when I just want to bring bare essentials with me...

    Good luck deciding!!! There are so many gorgeous colors!!!
  12. Welcome to B-bag addiction !!!!!! Your first bag will not be your last, and everyone here will help fan your flames of desire for a new color or b-bag style.:yes: :yes: :yes:
  13. definitely go with a darker color and you also might want to check out the day style because they quite roomy and also easily carried on your shoulder (they were my most practical diaper bags ever)! have fun!
  14. Haha, everyone suggests the city.. I prefer the weekender. There's always something else you just HAVE to put in there:p

    Depending on your size (I'm 5'75'') - Work maybe?
  15. thank you all for the suggestions!! i think i like the City better!!!! :yes: