Pls HELP identify this camellia pink bag

  1. Got this from HK. I was told it is limited.
    i fell in love with the camellia and had to take it home with me.:love:

    any idea how much it retails for? and what year might it be from?

    Thank you so much
    001 002 resized.jpg
  2. No, sorry, but it's soooooooo pretty!!! :love:
  3. sooo pretty:drool: congrats on such a rare find!
  4. Oooh its pretty.// is the camellia attached to the bag or the strap?
  5. the camellia is attached to the strap
    thank you for kind comments on this bag

    the corners are getting a bit dirty. Any ideas on what product to use? its lambskin by the way. im so afraid using wrong cleaning product will change the color or darken it
  6. What a pretty bag!
    Congrats on your great find - Enjoy :smile:
  7. im just wondering about the year its from and whether or not its worth it.
    so if anybody has an idea price, please help me out
  8. Collection from 2003. I recall being around $1100.
  9. Hi, I bought that exact same one in the same colour in 2003 but can't remember how much I paid.

    I bought another one, same style but in black lambskin 3 weeks ago and that was GBP555.
  10. ^ I started to see the black ones in NY shops since last week~ $1150 is the US price.