Pls help I have less than an hour

  1. Hi

    Please Help me! make up my mind ...

    I found a Devi Koreall hobo in meduim on sale ... shall I buy it ?
    I wanted I long hobo , but i didn't find one - whats on the sample sale is Meduim - and the color is not the color I want ...
    but still the price is soooooooooo gooooooooooood ....

    shall I go for it ? shall I buy it ?

    The sale ends after an hour from now .....

  2. if it's not the size AND not the color i want, i won't buy a bag just for the hell of it.

    that's just me.
  3. That's just money wasted, IMO. It's not what you want? Don't get it.
  4. Speaking just from experience....I seem to always regret buying a bag simply because it's on sale at a great price. It either ends up on my closet shelf or on eBay at a lower price than what I paid!!!
  5. Put it down....take a deep breath......and walk away with calm and grace.
    It's NOT the bag you really wanted - and all to often, we are TOO influenced by $.
    Wait for the bag you REALLY want.
    Good luck
  6. its the same style " classic Hobo bag " but
    the size I want is Long - & they have the meduim - that I don't mind
    But the color is the problem
    I love dark colors , the color they are offering is light
    The price is great ! & its the only one from the new collection on sale

    Ha! what do u advice ... 10 min left !
  7. Do you really want a light bag when you "love" dark colors? Walk quickly away...and don't look back. There will always be another bag that you will "absolutely love".

  8. If you love dark colors and have WANTED to try something different and $ is not an issue, than TRY it out. IF you KNOW that you don't like light colors - than WALK AWAY!
    Your message said "problem".....if it's a problem - than Don't BUY!
  9. CALL ME CRAZY ...

    I think I'll buy it ! its 600 $ ONLY the original price is 2490 $