Pls. help! How did seller get my email address?

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  1. I used the "ask the seller a question" section on an ebay auction to email the seller about the size and condition of an item. The seller responded ....not through ebay....but used my email address. At first I thought it was junk mail because the seller's email address is so creepy.

    How did the seller get my email address when I emailed them through ebay? Should I ask the seller? Should I ask ebay? Reading all the threads about hijacking accounts, I'm really concerned this person got some personal information. By the way, I've never delt with this seller before! :nuts:
  2. Did you click the box to hide your email address when you sent the question to the seller, if you did not that was how they got your email
  3. ^^^^^Yeah I was going to say that
  4. When you use the "ask seller a question" option on ebay, the seller will be able to see your email address if they choose to reply by email. When you ask the question, there's an option on the same page to "Hide my email address from seller" which you have to select if you don't want the other person to have your email address. They didn't do anything dodgy, so don't worry. Hope that helps.
  5. No, I did not click the box to prevent the seller from getting my email. Forgot it was even there, but will use it from now on. No seller has ever emailed me before without going through ebay so I found this very peculiar. Anyway, mystery solved thanks to all of you, and I will pay more attention to what I am doing the next time.
  6. It's taken me a while to learn to tick that box automatically when responding to contacts and I've often thought the default option should be non-disclosure. I try always to remember to tick the non-disclosure box when responding to enquiries and once I have established something of a relationship, and depending on my female intuition (that ol' thing!) I may invite the messager to contact me directly, but am always cautious. . . .
  7. Agreed!!! Totally learned my lesson thanks to all who took the time to respond, and will be more vigilent in the future.:yes:
  8. contacting through email is easier than going through the whole Ebay ask a question thing..