Pls HELP!has any one seen Pink glazed lamskin jumbo at Saks?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am desperately looking for pink glazed lamskin jumbo at saks to buy before triple and egc event ends.
    has anyone seen pink glazed lamskin jumbo at Saks?
    please let me know if anyone knows where I could find it.
    thank you ladies in advance!!!!:heart:
  2. try going online and chat with an online CSR.. they can check which Saks has it.
  3. I already tried but they said they're not able to find the item online and check out store.
    please PM me if anyone seen pink glazed lamskin jumbo at Saks.
  4. I returned one to the Saks in Naples Florida on Monday, April 14. I hadn't seen it in person, only online, and in person I didn't like the color. It looked like a prettier color online. Tyr calling them, they may still have it.