Pls help?? Globetrotter or Vision II???

  1. I need a wallet/agenda with Zipper around, I 've seen the thread about these 2 styles. But I just want to know your opinion. Which one suits me? All I want is I can put my, credit cards, checkbook, some receipts. But of course , one that I can put inside any of my bags. Which style do you think is very practical to use?? Thanks....:confused1:
  2. Maryanne, I am no help as I don't use either of those. Hopeully someone will chime in soon:yes:
  3. I would vote Vision II if you only want to stick in money, credit cards, check book, and receipts. IMO, the Vision would be great for this. Do you plan to use the hook for an agenda also? If yes, my advice would be to bring all you plan to place inside the Vision to Hermes and ask if they would stick in the added agenda and see how you like the set-up. Remember, the agenda would then be in the middle all the time and flap back and forth. You need to see if this is ok for you and if you can work with it. You also want to see if your Vision is not too crowded etc. If you don't plan to use the agenda part, I think it would be perfect!

    Good Luck.
  4. Kellybag- Thanks so much for yur help. In that case, I think I just need the Vision II. Because, all I want is the money, cards, & checkbook. One more question??? Does Vision II has only 1 size?? Do you have any idea how much?? We dont have an Hermes store here in our country, so I will ask a friend to buy it for me.
  5. Oh another thing.....If ever, I want to include my passport inside?? Is still Vision II or Globetrotter?? thanks again...
  6. ^^Ditto. Great advice. I have the Vision II zip and I use it as a wallet/checkbook holder combined. I thought a blackberry would work inside, but... not really. So I stuck to the wallet part.

    ...but IMO, I doubt a passport would fit inside without getting smashed or smashing others things in the process .

    Here's a pic of mine with credit cards and a checkbook in it.
    VZAclosed.jpg VZAopen.jpg
  7. Angelfish- Thanks so much! I love the color of your VisionII !! May I ask if Vision II has only 1 size? May I know the measurement??
  8. Angelfish- May I also know how much the price of this Vision II? Thanks again...
  9. MaryAnne - this is a good question, as I am also in search of a zippered wallet/agenda.

    Angel - I love your Vision II. I'm going to be checking them out next month while I'm in Charlotte. I also want something that zips around. I had been thinking of the Globetrotter. I hope they have both so that I can check them.

    Good luck MaryAnne. What color are you thinking about? I like the BJ or the Brighton.
  10. Shoot I don't have the measurements at all... I do know that Luxury Zurich has a few Vision Agendas, and might, too.

    As for the price... Last year I believe an epsom BJ Vision II Zip was about 1150 USD, I think. Good luck choosing!
  11. Sorry for the delay in seeing these questions...around August 200t the cost was $1125.

    Excellent pics above! The measurements are approx. 7.5" x 4.5"
    5 credit card spaces, pen loop, 1 hook for possible agenda, little slots for blank paper sheets??? or possibly to stick in your check book, and an area for your bills. (you can't stuff too much change in the pocket, but you can place some at least)

    Hope that helps.
  12. I have the globe-trotter zip. This thread has given me the idea of replacing the notepad with my checkbook.
    The only thing about the globetrotter is, once it is full with the calendar, notepad, cards, etc, it adds about 10 pounds of weight to my purse, lol.
  13. Does anyone know what leathers and colors the Vision II is available in currently? I also am interested in it. I've also been researching the Dogon, but I like the zip feature. I don't plan to purchase it until early April which will be my 14th anniversary.
  14. Well, there is the Vision II, and thats on the website. Buuuuuuuut the Vision II Zip is more of a go-in-the-boutique item. I remember them having lots and lots of colours, I even fell for a Brighton Bleu Lizard version before deciding on the practicality of BJ epsom! Glad I did, It's been ages and it still looks brand new.

    They have epsom (super fabulous for wear, durable), lizard (gorgy but a bit more delicate), ostrich (wow! but light colours will darken eventually from natural skin oils and handling) and even... occasionally... croc. I had them search the entire USA last year when I bought mine and they were completely sold out everywhere. <<sigh>>

    As far as colours go, all the current colours do seem to be available!