Pls help, first luxury watch Rolex

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Which watch, 31 vs 34 vs 36mm

  1. 31mm, datejust, roman, oyster, domed, white

    8 vote(s)
  2. 31mm, datejust, roman, oyster, domed, black

    3 vote(s)
  3. 36mm, datejust, roman oyster, domed, white

    4 vote(s)
  4. 36mm, datejust, roman, oyster, domed, black

    0 vote(s)
  5. 34mm, date, stick, oyster, domed, white

    2 vote(s)
  6. 34mm, date, stick, oyster, domed, black

    3 vote(s)
  1. Hi,
    After days of deliberation and perusing the watch threads I would love some opinions.
    I am looking to my first luxury watch, my style is minimalist, very non flashy, classic, casual mostly, mom duties and work in academia. I have a small gucci metal two tone for really formal ocassions.
    At first I zeroed in on the Cartier Tank Francaise or the Rolex. But as I am looking for something hardy and durable I think the Rolex will be good. I loved the tank but it seemed more like jewelry/ delicate to me. I will most probably get a tank later some time, midsize, maybe two tone to match different jewelry tones.
    As of now I have narrowed down the following rolex models. I will go for the steel, oyster bracelet, domed bezel as I find it casual for daily wear.
    I prefer mid to large watches by my wrist us average sized 6inches. I am looking at white, black or silver faces in all models.

    1. 31mm Roman numerals datejust, my husband loved the black dial but I am just concerned if the dial size is too small and I will regret getting it.
    2. 36 mm datejust, roman, is this too big and will it stand out too much for daily wear.
    3. 34 mm date, stick, I love the size as its right in between but my husband feels it looks too genEric whereas the Roman numerals are classic rolex. Also is this too masculine
    Pls give your opinions, also which dial color would be best? Thanks
    Will try and post wrist shots
  2. I think you've done a great job on honing in on some choices. Most important is that you go and try on in person, because the effect on your wrist is very different in real life.
    If you really are minimalist, the stick dial is a perfect choice. It seems simple but in Rolex it's a beautiful simplicity that will wear well over time. I personally have the Romans and adore that dial, but it isn't as minimalist or quite as modern an effect as the stick dial. The stick also has lume, a very nice feature (i.e., it lights up), which Romans don't.
    I also like your thoughts about the Oyster bracelet and domed bezel. As to color of dial, black or white is great.
    Size: 34 mm is great if you like a generally bigger dial. I have the 31 and think it's perfect, because it's small enough to seem dressy but also a good everyday size--but if you favor big dials it won't be quite as good as a 34. I think the 36mm is masculine looking, which is perhaps okay for you. On my own wrist (same size as yours) it looked clunky.

  3. Thanks jellyv, your response really helps.
    I have actually tried all of them. I too found the 36mm a bit too big and clunky.
    I liked the 34mm size the best , bit big but not too much.
    I agree that the stick is more minimalist and very timeless, so ideally I should go be going for the 34mm, stick.
    But I just keep thinking if the Romans are more classic Rolex.
    I guess I will try them on one more time.
  4. The sticks are more classic Rolex, but the Romans are nicer when reading the time. I've had my Rolex for over 20 years and it has the sticks on a gold dial. Although bigger sized dials are the trend now, will they be in 5-10 years? So, buy something that is comfortable on your wrist and looks good on your arm. If all goes well, you'll be wearing the same watch 20 years from now and it will still be in style! You're gonna love it!
  5. The Romans are definitely classic Rolex. If you are leaning toward a slightly more decorative impact, get the Romans! It's classic and my personal fave, but when I was looking I also strongly considered the stick dial because it's so neat and simple. Roman dial is truly timeless, if you think about the antiquity of Roman numerals themselves and also as a clock/watch dial choice.
  6. The lady rolexes with the flower patterns are so cool.
  7. Thanks pjhm, great to know that you have had yours for so long. I hope mine lasts too.
    Thanks guys, I have decided to go with the 34mm, will try the colors and decide.
  8. Do you also like the 36mm explorer 1?
    its a black dial
    its in steel
    its unisex
    its very minimalistic (no date :smile:)
    I know they are not for sale anymore, but there are some to find.
  9. 36 mm the roman numerals!
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  10. Since you have decided on the 34mm, I voted for the white dial. You should consider the Roman numerals.
  11. Thanks all, I haven't checked the explorer, will do but I want to buy only new.
    MatAllston, a 34 mm in Roman will be ideal but is not available
  12. was just about to say 34 in roman :sad:
  13. Something else to consider. I believe stick has luminescence. Can see time in the dark
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