Pls help ! DESPERATE for advice, gals !

  1. Ladies i dont know what to do here :confused1: ... i bought this wonderful aubergine metallic paddy but i dont like the regular silver lock i decided i would buy the Swarovski crystal lock to go full bling:supacool: ... there is a lock i could get for a good price but with silver leather on it ...should i get it and try and swap the leather straps on the lock so that its aubergine too ? or should i wait until a right one comes along ? was the Swarovski padlock even done in aubergine ? im torn and i dont know what to do ...please HELP ! :crybaby:
  2. Hi Nataliam, The aubergine was not done with Swarovski crystals so it would probably look silly to put a silver on there sorry :smile:
  3. I think the silver would look OK. It is close enough. Silver and black look great together - Silver and purpleish black should look OK.

    Otherwise, try calling a Chloe boutique. Someone on this site suggested to call the Christian Louboutin boutique when I was looking for shoes. I would never have thought to call a boutique in New York to get something but it worked out beautifully. If a boutique doesn't have it they can get it from anywhere in the world, usually without a mark up. Good luck!!

  4. hello Roz hun :heart: thats why i was thinking about getting it to some leather people and tell them to fiddle with the leather straps on the padlocks and put the aubergine leather on the swarovski lock...crazy thought i know !:nuts:

  5. thanks compulsivepurse !:yahoo: i havent thought about it either ! :push:
  6. I think a leather expert would be able to do it easily for you. If you look at the padlocks closely, the leather is glued on, so I think its a possibility

    and you will have a unique, bespoke paddy :smile:

  7. thank you chloe for supporting my mad idea ! i will do it then! :yahoo:
  8. Oh yes a good leather person could do that for you, it would definitely look well. Dunno where you would take the leather from though? I suppose from the pieces that hold the key if you could get a piece wide enough.
    I am just funny about carrying anything that wasn't made though LOL
  9. I would totally swap the straps and be blinged out! It shouldn't be hard to do. A great cobbler should be able to do that for you. :yes: I think it'll look sooo pretty on aubergine! Please keep us updated :heart:
  10. i would just take the the straps with Chloe on it from the padlocks and exchange them ! :yes:

  11. thank you so much D & G ! :heart: yes thats what im looking for ultimate bling hhihih ...will post pics as soon as i get that sorted ! :yahoo:
  12. Oh of course I am totally DUMB LOL you have the aubergine padlock! So no problem then, very easy to do. I would say go for it, will be very nice! & if you don' like you can always change back!
  13. hihi yes hon i do have the aubergine padlock my aubergine baby is complete and in a good shape! :yahoo: fingers crossed now to get the leather swapped ... thank you all ! :heart:
  14. Looking forward to pics, I love the aubergine! The crystals will be stunning!
  15. Wow this is so exciting!! Good luck and I can't wait to see pics :yahoo: