pls help: decision: signature stripe tote

  1. just wondering what you all think of the signature stripe tote...i recently purchased it in the signature khaki w/ gold trim/stripe..and not sure if i'll keep it.........
    its also reversable but thats not what sold me.....i was just wanting a nice classic also comes in other colors
    what do you think?
  2. I love the bag. I saw someone with it and it is a very nice, classic tote. I really like the gold..but if you are not happy, exchange it
  3. It's a beautiful tote! I'm getting one in gold soon. I got the travel size but it was too big so I'm getting one size smaller.
  4. I love the khaki/gold & black/silver. I been debating on if I should get the camera case but do I really need it, I could use that money for another bag. LOL!! Do you have any pics I've only seen the pic from Coach's website?
  5. thanks for your input about the reversable tote.....i bought the smaller size. with the gold trim...thinking of exchanging it for the med size.......the largest travel size ...i think is just too big
  6. OMG I just ordered the signature stipe small tote w/ gold AND the matching accordian wallet..Had to have for my 30th B-day!! Does it fit nicely on your shoulder??
  7. fits perfectly on shoulder right under your arem....very comfy!!!
  8. It's a beautiful bag! I would wear it :smile: Enjoy it!!
  9. I have the Crimson Color Tote in the smallest size and it is the perfect size for me. Pink is my fav color and this was the closest color to it. Don't regret one bit and I even had it monogrammed with my initials.
  10. I like it.