Pls help deciding

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  1. hi all, currently i have a k32 rose jaipur sellier,

    and i gonna to get a 2nd hermes bag.

    1. Rouge Casaque , k32 retourne
    2. Bleu Atoll, K32 sellier
    3. Rose Confetti , K32 Sellier.
    4.Rouge Casaque b30
    5.Rose Confetti B30

    Which one should i choose for my next bag? any good suggestion ? hah.. thx so much
  2. Either Rouge casaque or rose confetti in either b or k. Love both of those colors!
  3. I agree. A B in rouge casaque or rose confetti is TDF!!!
    May I ask are you being offered these bags through SA? I'm on the hunt for both of these colors. :smile: :smile: they have been on my wishlist for a year now. thank you!
  4. I'm going to say B30 RC!!! RC is one of my favorite reds - a perfect blue/red in my opinion. Can be worn as a pop neutral and surprisingly goes with a lot. Also, you already have a K, why not switch it up and get a B? Always nice to have both in your collection.
  5. Rose Confetti in Birkin or Kelly, whichever has gold hardware
  6. You already have a Sellier. Retourne is a little more relaxed style. Do you have a preference for another K or would you like a B? They are different.
    There is only one BA on your list so which color family?
  7. Rose confetti birkin :smile:
  8. Rose Confetti B30
  9. RC B30 gets my vote :heart:
  10. Rose confetti B30 gets my vote ✌️
  11. Agree ... RC is TDF (if you love red bag) and Birkin is so easy to use. Good luck deciding. 😊
  12. Rose confetti B30 if you can!!
  13. RC in either B or K would be DIVINE... But since you already have a K maybe get a B for variety?
  14. Agreed!
  15. Rose Confetti Birkin.