Pls help decide: 24cm 2.55 reissue

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  1. IMG_1469175453.294617.jpg

    Both are so so so gorgeous. SA told me all black is rare so I should go for it. What do you guys think?
  2. I'm personally not in love whit this so black version, I normally want all of them, but I just don't feel it with this bag. It looks a bit simple and dull imo (I hope I'm not offending anyone, just my taste). What kind of leather is it?
    I prefer the aged calfskin with RHW, but if you love the so black one, go for it, because it will probably sell out soon seeing as the so blacks are always a popular bag.
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  3. The so black one is a caviar. The distressed leather with RHW has always been one of my dream bags. Then I went to the store with my mom and she said the bag looks so "beat up." She can't fathom why I would pay that much to buy a bag that looks used. LOL. I think I would have bought the caviar leather if it had RHW.
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  4. Lol, your mother just didn't get it; not the bag for her; but maybe still the one for you? The caviar in my mind matches so well with the cf; but I prefer the aged calfskin on the reissue. Luckily there's a combination out there for everyone.

    Just to let you know, the rock in Rome released a chevron reissue with BHW, I'm one of the owners of the 227; but recently I've been reading here @ the PF about someone who's having to deal with the HW chipping already and revealing a coppery colour underneath. So if you prefer the RHW, I would maybe stay away from the BHW because of these issues.

    I will try to find the thread for you.
  5. Click here to read about Watermelonxx issues with this BHW.
  6. I'd always choose Reissue, love them.
  7. Aged calf with rhw looks better imo.
  8. Not feeling this version of the so black as well. The distress calf with RHW is beautiful.
  9. This version of the reissue so black does not seem to have the same shape as the regular reissue. I'm not drawn to it. I would go for the distressed calf classic reissue.
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  10. Yes!!! something's a bit "off" with the shape of this one. it's like more "rounded" on the corners and I don't find it appealing. Also personally, I find the distressed leather so perfect and defining of the reissue style. I get that it might not be everybody's cup of tea. It's like the prada boxy saffiano always looks "new" but it's not appealing to me because it feels to me like the bag is on botox. :P I find the reissue distressed leather and aged hardware so refined and elegant. I don't think it looks old/used. I think I can see the quality (supple, shine, deep color, etc) in the reissue and can tell right away that it's a high quality bag against like a fake or a bag of lower quality.

    Definitely the reissue with RHW. :smile:
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  11. Add me to the list of posters who prefer the distressed calf with RHW. I own this bag and love it. I feel like the hardware doesn't stand out enough in the black-on-black version.
  12. Another vote for the distressed leather with RHW. The hardware is such a part of the appeal of this design and it just disappears in the so-black version.
  13. Thank you all. I really appreciate all the comments - they are so so helpful! I've decided not to get the so black because I went back to the store in a black outfit. The bag kinda got lost in it all and didn't stand out. So I've put my name on the wait list for the distressed leather with RHW. Yay! Can't wait. My second Chanel. :smile: Thanks again everyone. I'm a new member here and totally loving this community!
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  14. I'm loving your decision!! Let's hope your new Chanel baby will be here soon!!
  15. Thank you Elsbeth for your help! You're so kind. :smile:
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