Pls help!!! Aquamarine or Sandstone/argyle Giant new hobo

  1. I haven't been able to get a pic of the sandstone new Giant hobo yet b/c no one seems to have it but I kind of neeed a tan bag...The aqua is sooo pretty though!! Help!
  2. I love the shape of the new giant hobo! I have actually just bought one! lol in Aqua... If you want a tan bag I say go for it!!! The aqua is a lovely colour would it suit your wardrobe, if not get the sandstone.
  3. either one would be beautiful! Which one are u more drawn to? And what colors are in ur collection right now?
  4. I wish I could see the argyle in that style...that's the problem. I've seen it in other styles. Maybe I should buy a neutral...Do you consider the aqua a year round color or more of a spring/summer color?
  5. Im a person to got out with a bag despite the season! lol I think the aqua looks lovely sort of an anytime colour. I am yet to receive it but when I do i will post you pics! I think it also depends on your wardrobe, I think agua goes really well with jeans etc...
  6. Aquamarine :heart: :heart::heart:
  7. Aqua definately, argyle is boring