Pls help - almond for top layer of Princess Torte

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  1. Hi, Ladies

    I hope you can help me.

    My favorite cake in the world is not chocolate. Shock to you and me. My fav cake is a Princess Torte.

    A classic Princess Torte involves layers of cake and whipped or Bavarian cream. Raspberries and liquers are involved. Very fine with me. Love every layer.

    My trouble is with the colored marzipan top layer.

    Can anyone help me with the marzipan topping?

    Many TIA!!!
  2. I dislike marzipan, but what type of help do you need? Can you do w/o and put whipped cream on top and then sprinkle sliced toasted almonds instead?
  3. Princess Torte is one of my favorite cakes too, but I've never baked one myself. It would probably be way too challenging for me. :sad:
  4. I absolutely love that cake :drool:. My mom's from England, so I've grown up loving Marzipan. Here's a link to a website with some recipe's and places where you can buy it.

    So..... can I have a piece when you figure it all out:graucho:?

  5. Suzi - your website is the motherlode of marzipan how-to :tup:

    The marzipan modeling cookbook on your website answers all my questions about how to
    *roll an even and smooth circle
    *drape the circle over the cake
    *finish the edges.
    Just the info I was searching for!

    I printed out the instructions plus bookmarked the site. I never want to lose that info!

  6. Here is a picture of a Princess Torte with the marzipan topping in traditional lime green color.

  7. that cake looks so yummy:drool: