Pls help again... Is this coromandel or mysore?

  1. It's me again...

    I only know this is a Chevere. Can anyone help?


    Red Birkin.jpg
  2. Goodness, it's hard to tell from that pic, but my guess would be Chevre de Coromandel as the grain appears larger than Mysore. However, there is no spine apparent, so that would lea more towards Mysore. I'm sticking with Coromandel, though.
  3. I am of no help, I just know it is GORGEOUS....(sorry, silly response)....
  4. If I squint really really hard I think I might be able to see a spine in the photo? What does it look like in person?? Spine or no spine?

    Gorgeous bag, by the way.
  5. Looks like Chevre Mysore (Vermillion?) to me.
  6. ^ Actually, on second thoughts, I think Orchids may be right. If you look at the shine on the peppers (or capsicums, as we call them here!) they are shinier than the leather, so now I'm leaning towards the more matte CHEVRE MYSORE.
  7. Is it possible, though, for a smaller bag in coromandel to not have a spine? (sorry for the hi-jack)
  8. ^true!
  9. It looks like Chevre Mysore, sweetpiegiraffe :smile: Gorgeous red! :heart:
  10. Chevre Mysore.

    You have lovely bags, sweetpiegiraffe!
  11. Gorgeous photo! (and bag, of course)
  12. If u can take a back shot, it will be easier to tell.

    But from the frontal look, i say it is mysore...