Pls help - about to place order for first birkin

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a newbie here and about to place my first order for a 30cm birkin. I have been doing all my research here and which has been really helpful since my nearest H store is 6 hours away.

    I have narrowed down my leather criteria to the following (in order of importance):

    - stiff leather
    - lightest in weight
    - water resistant (as much as possible)

    Which leater best suits my criteria?

    Thanks for your all in advance.
  2. Have you looked through the leather book at all on a previous visit to the store? If you want really light weight and stiff, you probably want Epsom. It's quite thin and very rigid. It's a pressed leather, embossed with the grain as opposed to having a natural grain like Togo or Clemence.
    It's relatively OK with water water resistance though no leather is truly water resistant of course.
    I will say that if you are not well versed in H leathers be sure to take a close look at the way Epsom takes dyes. Some people really like it, some don't--it tends to be a little less saturated in color than some other leathers. It also has a very different hand-feel than most H leathers.
    If Epsom doesn't turn out to be the leather for you, you might want to consider Chevre, though availability is a little tricky and they are about to introduce a new Chevre for s/s 08. Chevre tends to be lightweight, hardy, fairly stiff (though the newer one isn't quite as stiff as either of the "older" chevres in my opinion), and quite good with the occasional raindrops.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Given your criteria, the leather would be Epsom.
    And I disagree with Cynthia about the way Epsom takes colour. Some colours truly POP in Epsom and one of my favourite colours in Epsom is cognac.
  4. * some colors ;) I was thinking more of the reds, blues, raisin.
  5. Thanks CynthiaNYC and hello. I havn't seen the leather book yet at the H store, so I havn't felt any of the leathers. All my knowledge has been obtained from this forum only.

    How does Epsom take in pinks, purple or blue colors?

    Also, what colors are available for the new chevre? I have spoken to an SA and she informed me that the waiting period for a birkin is 3 years so I am not so concerned about its availabitity.

    That being said the more time I spend here, the less time I am willing to wait for my birkin - am thinking of maybe ordering from an overseas H store.
  6. Bleu jean in epsom is a lovely soft shade of blue. If you do a search Kelly I'm sure you'll find some lovely epsom pics.
  7. On the 'authenticate this' thread there is a link for a picture of a Kelly in BJ Epsom, the post is by oreocat. Have a look if you like it. It's quite different in Epsom than Togo.
  8. There's a raisin epsom HAC there too isn't there Hello?
  9. Hello is right. BJ looks very different on Epsom than on Togo. I actually like it.
  10. Yes, there was one listed recently on the authenticate this thread that's for sale by a German seller.
  11. Both worth a look for the colours :tup:
  12. Please also check out the reference section, there's a leather book by Hermesgroupie and a colour chart by Grands Fonds. Very informative!
  13. Thanks all for your help.

    hello - yes I have been spending time (probably too much) researching in the reference section. :smile:

    cynthia - you mentioned a new Chevre for s/s 08. What colors does the new Chevre come in?