Pls help about the color of twiggy

  1. Hi guys, I owns one tomato city and now want to buy twiggy. Pls help which color is good for Twiggy? what you guys think about Violet 07? Thankss:tup:
  2. Violet is a great choice for the Twiggy, it gives a beautiful pop of color.

    Also, on, there is an Ivory Twiggy for only $725 and Black Twiggy for only $816. If you like neutrals they are great deals!
  3. Oh, there is also a gorgeous Sienna/Tabac Twiggy on eBay for a BIN of $850:


    (I am assuming it is authentic, however I am no expert).
  4. Ohh.. I think Violet twiggy is BEAUTIFUL. I cant stop showing off mine..
  5. I vote for the Violet Twiggy as well ... I just got one and it's so beautiful!
  6. Violet is just stunning in the Twiggy, but honestly, I haven't looked at a Twiggy *ever* and thought, "wow, that colour just doesn't work for the Twiggy style!"

    I wish you well,

  7. I think either Violet or Pine twiggy would be a good choice. Please let us know which one you end up choose.
  8. My vote is for ivory for a neutral color

    Violet is just gorgeous though, actually I love all of the colors
  9. A violet twiggy would be a great choice! I've been wearing mine with just about's a gorgeous bag and a great color!!!
  10. I am with Bridget; I love the Twiggy style and do not think you can go wrong with ANY color.
  11. Has anyone seen the twiggy in the tomato color - I know you have a tomato city, and when I read your question, I thought about the tomato in the twiggy - I would love to see a photo of that! I love the twiggy in every color - it is a great style, and I think every color looks terrific!!!



    As you can see, I really don't care that much for the twiggy style (hehehe), but here are some examples of how wonderful it looks in different colors!!! And of course, Bridgett's avatar is a wonderful example of vibrant colors! Love, love, love the twiggy:heart: and would love to see a tomato twiggy.

  12. This pic is going to kill meeeeeeeee :drool::drool::drool::drool:
    It seems the display of a boutique, i'm soooo in love!!!
    love love love :heart:
  13. I think twiggy is a lovely style, and it goes well in every colour, but if i had to choose i'd say violet