Pls help a newbie

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  1. I sold an item on eay on the 13th of sept, the winning bidder didn't pay yet. I resent the invoice yesterday again. What's the time window for payment usually? And what are my next steps?

  2. You can open a Non Paying Bidder case after 4 days of auction's end. Then they have 7 days (i believe) to pay. If they do not pay then ebay will put a strike on their account. And you will get your listing fees back.
  3. 4 days and 1 minute after end of auction, you can open up an unpaid item dispute. Some people have it set up that ebay does it automatically. 4 days and 1 minute after they have not paid, after filing the dipute, you can close it.
  4. Thanks guys! Hopefully things will work out...
  5. Good luck sallygirl - you may find that being on the receiving end of a non-payer case boots your buyer into action! I agree with noshoepolish that you can close the case and get a refund on your fees 4 days after you open the case - it's up to you whether or not you give the buyer longer. You have up to 45 days (I think - please check for your local site!) to close the case and get your fees back, but be aware that there is a time limit ;)
  6. yikes, I had to open a dispute :sad: No payment
  7. good luck with the payment
    but 99% of the the time I open a NPB case they don't end up paying and get a strike
  8. that's ok OP. you'll get your fees back. :biggrin:
  9. ^ even though I know it's a pain in the ass