pls help...228... where to get it? thanks!

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  1. HI guys,

    Is this a 228 reissue? If so, do you know where I can buy it? I've been to many chanel stores and could not find it. Is this the dark silver which everyone loves so much?

    Thank you so much.

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  2. That was a older bag to my knowledge, I have seen some on ebay, I suggest call 800 chanel to see if they still see any stores still have it available. If they don't obtain the style no from chanel customer service and call Bloomingdales, saks, neimans to see if any show up in their system... hope this helps
  3. Yes, that is the 228 in dark silver. It is from 07A collection and it was in the store around July 07. NM did not order the 228 size, only the Chanel boutique did.

  4. I got mine from ebay, make sure to get it authenticated in this forum. Goodluck
  5. Thank you all so much for your help. I am hoping to get a 228 but it seems so rare. Been to so many CHANEL boutiques and the biggest size they have is the 227. Do you think 228 will be out again in the near future? Or is there a 228 in other color available now?

    bagtasia, it would be wonderful if you could post your 228 with you wearing it coz I really wanna know if the size would be big for me. Right now I have a 227 and it does not look big. I love big bags.

    Thank you again for all the great information. Really appreciate it.
  6. The departmen store usually does not order the 228 size. The Chanel boutique usually only order the 228 in very small quality.

  7. I purchased mine from Nordstroms in silver
  8. it looks like a maxi too....