Pls Enlighten me - Caviar Flap

  1. Okay ladies..first of all, I just got myself a Medium black caviar classic flap with gold hardware today!!:yahoo:
    I know this is nothing "a big news" as most of you have already owned this..hehe.. But I just didn't expect I would fell in love with the black caviar one day..

    But before I could enjoy fully my new bag, I'd like to clear my quieries first..
    I noticed that on the cc closure, the tiny mark on it looks like a "W". My beige flap have a different mark tho.. Is this normal?

    And one more thing..:p
    The interior bottom/base, the leather looks "loose".
    I don't know how to explain this..but it's completely different from my beige flap where the bottom looks "fixed" like the leather fixed firmly to the base.

    Can this happens sometimes?
    Or is it because it's still new?
    Anyway, I'm putting a book inside to see if this would change.. But at the mean time, I hope some of you Chanel experts can help me out.
    Thank you!!:flowers:
  2. :sad:No one to help me?
  3. I will look at my classic flap / caviar tonight and post in the A.M. but I don't recall the interior bottom looking loose, I will check on the cc closure as well.

    Where did you get the bag from???
  4. Thanks for your reply.. :smile:
    I got the bag from Chanel boutique at Bond Street (London).
    Do let me know yeah..cos if those are not "normal", I would have to exchange it tomorrow - But I really hope that would not be the case.. :sad:
    Thanks again..
  5. Wish I had my bag with me - but I am at the office for a 1/2 day (4th July holiday) catching up on work and will check on it tonight and post in the morning....

    Hopefully all will be well with it, after all you did get it at the Chanel boutique....
  6. It's hurry..:smile: and thanks for your assurance..
    Yeah, I know I shouldn't worry about the authenticity since I got it frm the Chanel boutique itself.. But I just worry if the interior is a flaw, then I wanna change it while it's still new. And besides that, I'm moving out from the UK this it's better to change it frm the store itself..
  7. Yes, I see your point - if there is a flaw it is easier to correct now than later.... I will post in the morning - though someone might be able to answer before me - but either way - I will check it out and let you know.

    Good luck with moving - I hate to move - what a hassle.:smile:
  8. Ok, last night I looked at my classic caviar flap and the interior bottom lining was not loose at all. It was very form fitting to the bag shape - if that makes any sense.

    Also I did NOT see any mark on the cc closure - I did not have a magnifying glass - but I could not see any marks like you mentioned with just my eyes.

    I bought my bag at Chanel of Beverly Hills in Jan of this year.

    I wish I could help you more - maybe some of the otther tpf'ers could advise......
  9. my caviar flap same as your has 'w' on the CC interlock.

    i got it in heathrow.

    in regards to the inside of the bag, well the bottom has a piece of leather lining that is smooth and soft. i would say fix not loose.
    hopes it help

    by the way can i ask what price are they charging now?

    i got mine abt 2 years ago in heathrow for £720. i would like to get a bigger one one day.
  10. Don't know if this helps or confuses the issue more - but if you go to the Chanel Reference Library and look in the thread named: Helpful Tips Regarding # 3 by Swanky gives a listing of some additional tips to be aware of -

    * Also, the CC closure should be stamped either on the top left corner of the left C or not marked at all.

    Which makes me wonder why yours has a "w".......:confused1:

    I know there are ladies here that might have the answer - so hopefully they will advise......please.
  11. I've seen the CCs stamped before, typically on older, vintage flaps. I wouldn't be worried about authenticity if you purchased it from a boutique. As for the 'loose' lining, I've seen that before and since they are all hand made, I'm sure that it's just a procuct of human artwork and they all appear slightly diffrent. Congrats on your black flap!!
  12. Thanks Purrrfect, Kaka28 & CocoHeart! :smile:

    Actually the whole night yesterday I was searching for any pics the members here posted of the interior of their classic flap.
    Yeah, I did noticed from some pics..some people have the same loosen base like mine too.. So I guess like Coco Heart mentioned, since it's all handmade, it can appears slightly different.
    I had a book in the bag the whole night..and today the base was definitely looking better..
    So I finally decided I wouldn't need to change it..and brought the bag out today!!:wlae:

    Yeah, I did check out the Chanel Reference Library last night the first thing when I noticed the marking on the left of my cc closure is different from my beige caviar.
    And since so far I have not seen anyone featured their bag with such "W" marking, that's the reason why I was a bit worry..

    Phew...I'm glad to hear that you have the "W" marking too..:sweatdrop:
    So I guess the markings are not the same for all bags?
    Anyway, I got the bag for £1045 (large or most members here called Medium..).
    Last Dec when I got the beige one, it was £900.
    But lukily I was using £85 credit note (cos I returned my beige lambskin last time for the caviar).
    So at least yesterday I don't feel the "pinch" of the price increase..hehehe.. :p

    Btw, yesterday when I used the credit note(which was also the receipt for my beige caviar), the cashier kept it. Lukily I realised it while I was still ard Bond I went back to ask for it. She told me they wld usually keep it. But she returned it anyway..
    I was thinking..if they took it, how can I proof of my purchase for my last bag right?? I mean in the event should I want to sell it in the future - THO I don't think so at all..haha..
    And oh yeah, I also had the strap of my beige caviar repaired.. Cos the thread where it sew the leather stap together was already coming off. Exactly the one on the end.
    I was actually just showing the SA..asking her if that wld cause problem in the future. I'm surprised when she told me they can repair for me in less than half hour. So I just went ahead with it. They did it in their store (on the second level). I didn't see or asked..who did it. The sewing was fine.. But how I wish the person wld just leave the rest of the sewing alone. Cos he/she did/tightened the rest too.. It's okay..but not perfectly done..
  13. ibiza - I am so happy things are working out for you with the bag...thanks for keeping us posted. Glad they could fix the strap - but sorry about the fact it is not exactly to your liking...I hate stuff like that. Have a great move - enjoy your bags!!:smile:
  14. Hi Ibiza..just saw your post now. Congratulations on the black flap! I know you thought long and hard what to get, and hope you enjoy it! I know it looks good on you (even without a photo) because I know how great the beige one looks on you.
    Good luck on the move and try to relax!!!:smile:
  15. Hi there,

    I recently bought a classic flap caviar bag from eBay. The measurement is 12x9x4. How many sizes are there for that collection? I know there is a medium and jumbo size; is there a large size? Is mine a large size instead of jumbo size? thanks