Pls. EDUCATE me before I make a fool of myself...

  1. Dear Educator:

    As you all know I am quite new to H bags.

    Is there such things as an official LIMIT to the no. of bags we are allow buy in US per color per style???

    I was just told yesterday that I can NOT buy too many even if they are different style by my local H-store???

    Is this true?!

    I am in a "Hermes Fever" now and I need to know so I won't spent too much effort if these are things that $ can't buy and also risk of DH finding out....:lecture:

    Pls. help a LOST gal....

    Thank you,

    Pls. educate me so
  2. Morgan, I don't think there is a set limit. It's really just up to your SA....
  3. Dear Ms. Rose:

    Good Evening!!! Gosh, still up?!

    My SA loves to sell to me as I try to buy from her often but it is her Assistant mgr that is telling me this???

    I am so glad to learn this and I'll continue to 'replenish' my craving either before DH goes 'A-wall' or 2xBirkins show-up at the door step... Tick tick tick...

    Thank you and Enjoy the Weekend,
  4. It is late! I better be off to bed! Perhaps you can avoid this assistant manager.....
  5. I have heard it said that you are only allowed 2 bags per calendar year, period. That said, I'm no expert. Just repeating what I heard. Best of luck!
  6. Dear Ms. Rose:

    Yes, I was told the assit mgr do NOT get commision, so she can careless about my business... But my SA is EXTREMELY nice and PATIENT!!! I want to buy my bags but I don't want her to get in trouble either.... I really like her!!!

    YES, sweat deams about the H bags!!!
  7. Dear Ms. Sophie:

    The assist mgr told me if I want to have more than 1 bag per style, I need to go other country for it??? I've told her, if I was able to travel abroad, I would have gone to Europe where bags are much cheaper and even with the duty that US customs charges, I would still save more $...

  8. I think the 2-bag per year rule is just a facade. It depends if you are a regular customer of the store, and depends entirely on your SA whether or not to offer you a bag in a certain style or repeat style.
  9. Dear Ms. M:

    She told me ONLY regular customers can buy more than 1... But, hey if she doesn't allow me to buy, HOW can I become the REGULAR, right?

    I just sense a bit of discrimination from her??? I am very polite and my SA likes me too!!!

    I feel what comes around goes around, so I do NOT order people just because I am a customer, but still she 'dislike me'....

    Thank you for this EXTRA certainty and I am NOT going to let her ruin my HAPPY buying mood!!!

    ENJOY the weekend and the HUNT continues....
  10. Morgan, I sense some resentment. Please don't take this the wrong way. Regular customer does not mean somone who only buys bags. Hermes appreciate regular patronage, which is beyond just bags. Look around, and see if there are "other" H merchandise that may interest you. For example, a scarf, a bracelet, a twilly, a wallet, something small from the small leather goods, home section etc. I am NOT suggesting that you buy your way through, to get your H bags. That become meaningless and wasteful. I am suggesting that you take the heat off bags and appreciate the other things that H makes. Hermes is not only about bags, and I know that managers do not like customers who demand for bags, and bags only.
  11. Dear Ms. M:

    I actually learn from my masters; you ladies and so I've bought cadenas, but she wan't there when I did that... So, she think I only buy bags...

    Ok, I am a good student and I'll correct myself!!! I do like the twilly and scarf that my 'masters' have recently purchase. I'll try that but hope I don't go crazy on those either.... I have low well power...

    Thank you SO MUCH for making me feel better and give the buying experience a PLUS!!!
  12. Good luck Morgan! I know once you start buying it is almost impossible to stop! Definitely keep dealing directly with your main SA. She or He sounds like a Sweetie!
  13. Morgan,

    I am sure you are buying your bags for your personal use, but the store may think you are a reseller since you are able to buy bags so often and may not buy much else.

    Hermes as a company really dislikes resellers. I am not sure where you are located, but I know some stores are very careful about how many bags they sell to a customer until they know you, because of this reason. I know of a few people who were no longer wlecomed by Hermes once their reselling was discovered.

    Once the store gets to know you you should not have a problem.
  14. Dear Ms. RC and Ms. QM:

    ONLY you ladies knows how it is like when you are on a 'BAG HIGH'....

    It is NOT easy to just find the bag we like, so HOW can we LET GO??? I say that to DH too and he just shooked his head whenever he sees me re-arranging my closet...

    My job and my 2 boys keeps me quite busy (you all know the feeling) + shopping, who has time to re-sale???

    Well, time will tell, I guess....

    The 'HUNT' continue as I am still Birkinless....

    Thank you teachers and ENJOY the weekend!!!