Pls. Advise this LV Collector Newbie

  1. I recently bought my very first LV bag. A Damier Speedy 30. What can I say? I'm totally hooked! I wish to collect more! I could only drool over the pictures you have here.

    My friend advised me to start with the classic designs first, such as the speedies, alma, papillion etc.

    I'd like to ask for your suggestions. Please let me know your top 5 must-have LV bags. Those that will always remain timeless. Need your expert advise. :tup:

    Thank you!
  2. The top things I think are:

    <> A Cles
    <> a Pochette
    <> a Speedy
    <> A keepall
    <> pappilon
  3. Congrats on your first LV purchase! It's addictive, isn't it? :p

    I think most LV classic designs are pretty timeless, but the LE are tdf too! Just choose whatever you like. :yes: For me, I will prefer a more well rounded collection- a piece from mono, damier, vernis, epi, etc, and a handcarry, shoulder bag, sling, etc.

    I think 5 top LV must-have bags are:
  4. TO: Socialite and I Love LV:

    Thanks so much for your quick response. Among those you've mentioned, which design would you choose for those classic pieces you've mentioned?

    Ex: Keepall: Black Epi

    Geez, sorry if I'm so clueless. :shrugs:
  5. I think that you should buy the bags you like the most and what would be most useful to you :smile: Do you prefer handheld or shoulderbags?
  6. Buy what you like. There is no obligation to buy certain pieces. My first LV bag was a Saleya PM, and I love it.
  7. congrats and welcome to the dark side!!! personally i try not to buy bags that everyone else has, but here are my classic faves:
    1) speedy 30 in damier azur
    2) alma in damier
    3) cabas mezzo
    4) tulum gm
    5) brentwood
  8. Buy whatever bags fit you; whichever ones you will use the most. After all, with all the money you will spend you want to make sure you'll be using them quite frequently and not just sitting on a shelf.
  9. ITA! :yes: Choose whichever YOU like best.
  10. I think it just depends on your own preference but majority seems to think that the mono print is the most classic and popular choice. But I prefer variety so I won't stick to only mono.


    -speedy: mono or damier.
    -pochette: multicolore, epi.
    -bh: mono.
    -papillon: I think it looks best in damier but if I already have something in damier but love this shape, I'll get a vernis bedford.
    -keepall: epi or damier.
  11. I just got the speedy bag as a gift and the handles look very new and not the normal brown color. Will they wear in over time and change color? I like the worn look.
  12. Congrats on your first LV, an excellent choice.
    You should buy what you like but IMHO the classics are:
    you know in starting this list I just want to go on & on LOL
    There are so many fabulous bags both in permanent lines & Limited Editions that you should really research the style & material that appeals to you.
    Go to the Vuitton website & have a really good browse!
  13. Yes, the vachetta (leather) will develop patina over time and turns darker in color.
  14. There's just sooooo many to choose from. I want them ALL! Haha! That's why I'm so confused. Want to know your favorites.

    Yes, I like both shoulder and handheld bags :yahoo:
  15. MC speedy
    Mono speedy
    MC alma
    PTI wallet