Plotting next bag purchase...


Which should I buy first?

  1. Pomme or Framboise Bedford

  2. Cerises Speedy 25

  3. Neo Speedy-pink

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  1. Trying to decide which bag I will buy next. I love them all, and will purchase at some point, just not all at once. Which one should I get first? second? third?

    It's between:

    ~Pomme/Framboise Bedford (leaning toward Framboise)

    ~Cerises Speedy 25

    ~Denim Neo Speedy-pink

    (am I girly or what?):cutesy:

    Thanks you guys!:heart: ;)
  2. 1.Denim Neo Speedy Fuchsia
    2.Speedy Cerises
    3.Pomme/Framboise Bedford

  3. i voted for the bedford! i love both framboise and pomme so it's a tough choice between the two colors!

    and yes, you are very girly :smile: which is a good thing!
  4. Neo Speedy! im way over the Pomme, yes its gorgeous and all that jazz but i am moving on lol
  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. Neo Speedy
    Cerises Speedy
  7. 1. Neo speedy
    2. bedford (I actually like the style of this more than the neo speedy, but the opening bothers me so it's kicked down to number 2 lol)
    3. cerise speedy (I don't like this line...)
  8. 1. neo speedy because it's just in time for summer
    2. cerise speedy because it's just too cute
    3. bedford because i think the other 2 are more practical right now
  9. You and I have the same taste - I am a girlie girl too. I am wanting the neo speedy in fuschia too - and I absolutely ADORE the cerise speedy.
  10. Cerise speedy...because i want one haha
  11. The Ceries speedy first
  12. get the neo speedy, its gorgeous.
  13. I'd chose the cerises speedy. It's so cute! I purchased and returned the bedford because it was just too difficult to get things in and out of the bag. The style was pretty though. My second pick would be the neo speedy.
  14. cerises!
  15. Cerise speedy- I'd get it as soon as possible since examples in good condition will get harder and harder to find as time progresses.