Plotting my next purchase: shoulder bag, but which one?


Which MJ Shoulder Bag?

  1. Small MP

  2. Blake

  3. Christy

  4. Mercer (even if its not a SB)

  5. Elise (even if its not a SB)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Since I should be completing my goal of a 3rd (or 4th if you count the one in repair) stam sometime at the end of this week I am looking ahead and feeling like I need a non-stam MJ. I have a brick Frame Satchel which I love, but it's not a shoulder bag.

    I am now considering the following:

    Small MP (I LOVE the one in light petrole with suede interior!):love:

    Also, does anyone know if the Mercer or Elise can be comfortably worn over the shoulder?

    I really like the Mercer since it reminds me of a combo of the Blake and the Christy, but I can only justify it if I can wear it on my shoulder;).

    I tend to dress kind of dramatically in a lot of quirky vintage, so something classic like an MP might work really well.

    What would you buy?:heart:
  2. My vote goes for the Christy. The flat straps are more comfortable than the rolled straps on the MP and Blake.
  3. ^oh, good 2 know!
  4. I think the Christ would be great. It is definitel a shoulder bag and with your wardrobe, I think it would really match well. I tend to wear that type of clothing quite often and I have been contemplating the Christy, too. I have reall liked that bag from the first time I saw it.
  5. I should add that the rolled straps are uncomfortable for ME because I tend to load my bags up with everything under the sun. :lol:
  6. ^ Another vote for Christy because the Navy is my HG! :p
  7. Honestly, if it were me I'd buy an older more Vintage MJ style - like the Padlock or Zoe Hobo


    The padlock hobo is lined with suede - the Zoe Hobo was available with both suede and canvas linings (the version with the striped canvas lining is much softer & slouchier than the one lined w/suede) - Both bags are soft, slouchy bags and would go perfect with your "quirky vintage" look!!

    But if I HAVE to choose one from you your list, I'd choose the Christy
  8. I like the Blake... it's just classic MJ! 2nd choice would be the Mercer. I think you can wear this on the shoulder - I remember trying it on at the dept store a while ago.
  9. I didn't like the older multi pocket bags (w/the brass turnlocks) - they're not as soft as the ones with the padlock pockets. They're made of the tumbled calf leather which is a little stiffer and smooth.

    I really like this one:

    It's not lined w/suede, but rather that pretty striped canvas - the leather's also super soft on that bag (I remember seeing it in the store and I just always had to touch it! Like a baby's bottom!)
  10. My first vote is the Christy. I really think it's the perfect shoulder/hobo bag. I don't find it heavy at all because of the thick shoulder strap. My 2nd choice would be the Blake. You can't get anymore classic MJ than that! Good luck with your decision!
  11. Yeah I see what you mean, the bags with the turnlocks (what is the name of the line?) are lovely, but they always look so stiff.

    I'm not a big fan of that hobo, mostly because I think I really need a bag with some sort of pockets on the outside even if its only a zipp. like the stam or mercer.

  12. ThiThi (or anyone else who might know) do you remember if the Mercer was lined in suede? I can't seem to find out lining info for this bag in the r07 ref. library.:confused1:
  13. ^^If you look at this pic of it on the Saks website, it doesn't look like it has a suede lining:

  14. I voted for Christy, personally it sits so well on the shoulder.