Plotting my 2nd LV bag

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  1. So, I got my damier neverfull as an early christmas gift and since then have bought a sarah wallet, cles and card holder. I'm now plotting my next bag :wlae: But i need help deciding!

    Which one do you think I should get as my 2nd bag? I'm 5'6'' and I need a bag that I can dress up or dress down because I'm too lazy to switch bags everyday :P

    1. Speedy 30 Epi in black
    2. Tivoli GM
    3. Palermo PM
    4. Damier speedy 30 or 35
  2. I don't think you can ever go wrong with black Epi...:tup:
  3. Speedy 30 Epi - easier to dress up. The other options seem more casual.
  4. ^^^
    I completely agree - black epi can be dressed up or down
  5. epi in black or palermo pm. Love them both
  6. Hands down Epi Speedy in black. The size 30 will look good on someone your height.
  7. I say Black Epi Speedy 30. Great bag!
  8. Tivoli - since you have the damier, now it's time for monogram ! ;)
  9. Tivoli GM ~ such a classy bag ... and can be handheld and shoulder bag!
  10. 1. Speedy 30 Epi in black
  11. Black Epi or Tivoli GM would be great choices.
  12. Speedy 30 in black...only b/c u already have the neverfull in damier :smile:
  13. I vote speedy epi but if u can spend the extra $$ Tivoli GM is super classy and a head turner!
  14. I agree!
  15. Speedy in black; you will love it forever!