Plotting for Paris....which H-bag to bring?

  1. I've been sifting through all the amazing Paris threads within this forum for the last month and now that my trip is coming up, I need to think about what I will need to bring, and I'm a bit stuck. The last time I was in Paris was straight out of college with a group of friends many many moons ago.

    Which bag should I bring--(for privacy purposes from here in Alaska, I will state that the five are all in neutral shades)? I know that I will need at least one shoulder bag for touristy outings, and one more dressy bag for dinners and shopping. Here's what I've narrowed it down to (I've removed 35cm Birkins and 32cm Kellys out of the equation as most are not neutral shades).

    35cm Clemence Trim II
    34cm Clemence Lindy
    28cm Retourne Kelly
    30cm Chevre Birkin
    37cm Clemence Bolide

    I am trying to pack as little as possible so here's my base wardrobe (and for all you Paris travelers--please feel free to edit this wardrobe and give your opinions):

    black pants, dark denim, Burberry trench, ballerina flats, Tods loafers, some cashmere sweaters, one or two silk H-scarves, one evening coat, some dressy blouses & dress slacks, dress shoes. Based on this I'm leaning towards the 28cm Kelly and the Trim II. Or should I just bring one bag--the Bolide? :shrugs:
  2. YAAY!!!!!! You're going to Paris!!!!!!

    Kelly and the Bolide. That's what I'd do. One a little under-the-radar (but big enough to stash lot's of stuff while you're out and about touring) and one icon that can go day to night. Both with shoulder straps which I find indespensible while traveling.
  3. Dear Ms. Orchids:

    I suggest NO H bags if you are going to acquire a new bag in Paris!!! Because if you bring your existing bags, then you'll get TAX/duty from US customs for the new bag you bought abroad.

    But, on the other hand, if you aren't going to buy a new bag, then bolide with suit you for both day and night usage and less worry to damage it.

    HAVE A FUN FUN TIME!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi Orchids.. I would say Lindy (since there's a lindy craze at the moment here in Paris.. many ppl going in trying them out!!

    2nd would definitely be 30cm birkin.. you are coming to Paris.. birkin is a MUST!!!

    3rd would be kelly for evening:smile:

    Enjoy your trip
  5. Thanks SM--okay, Bolide moves up the list now.

    Interesting points Morganng & PL; thanks for the feedback. This raises another it bad to waltz into Hermes with the latest hot thing (i.e., the Lindy)? I may be overthinking this, but will it make an SA less sympathetic to my cause? i.e., "she probably has tons of bags already; she doesn't need another one!" Just being extreme here...

    For those in Paris--what's the general view on the Birkin? I don't want to be a flashy tourist (even though I am :shame: ). Under the radar works for me.
  6. Lindy as the new hot bag and very practical and Kelly for dress up or nice daytime luncheon. You can always put the shoulder strap on the Kelly.

    I'm a Trim lover as well, so if you want a smaller bag with zipper for daytime, go with that.
  7. Thanks GK! I'm with you on the Kelly, but am torn between the Lindy, Trim and Bolide right now.
  8. Orchids, I agree with Pinkish Love choices. The Lindy bag is soo the moment and you might be inspired by seeing fellow Parisians carrying this bag. Kelly and birkin are H staples and must bring to Paris. I think you will enjoy your trip more with these babies in tow. Seeing Kellys and Birkins around will make you miss your Kelly and Birkin if you left them behind. They need a breath of Parisian air. :yes:
  9. You will NOT look like a flashy tourist with any of these bags! The most high profile is the Birkin, followed by the Kelly. You will get the SA's attention even faster if you wear the Lindy. The Lindy is sending the message that you are plugged in well enough to obtain a hot new bag. I don't see this working to your disadvantage. As for customs, as long as you don't have the box with you, who is to say where you purchased your bags. If you take the Trim, it would be easy to pack since it is flat. The Kelly you could keep in a carry on and wear the new bag. I would throw a coat over your arm as you go thru the customs area. They are more obsessed with food and terrorists!
  10. Thanks J--I thought I would be practical by leaving the Birkins at home, but you're absolutely right, I would miss them tremendously. It's times like these I wish I could magically teleport my entire closet with me instead of trying to cram everything into one suitcase!
  11. orchids.. When i go to H.. most of the shoppers are carrying birkins/kellys, its a show off kinda boutique in my opinion!! and if you have a birkin it deosnt mean that u wont get one... absolutely not.. just visit everyday around 2:30 and im sure ull score something.. in the last days i visited FSH.. there was plenty of birkins including 2 ostrich 30cm birkins in the floor waiting for their new owners!!! Its a good timing, its not crowded.

    best of luck!!
  12. Dear Ms. Orchids:

    Unless you go to Paris A LOT, it would be SUCH waste of a trip NOT to get a new H BAG there!!! Much cheaper and MORE selection!!!

    Wish I can go too but my work just won't allow me to....

    I believe a bag is approx. 10-15% or even more cheaper in Paris (Ms. PL can you pls. educate us on the cost differences)?! Then, if you can save the duty/tax by bring home your new bag WITHOUT BOX, then it is another 10% of saving for it!!!

    Hope this info helps....
  13. Actually the lindy will definitely give a msg about you.. that you're H addict!!! and its not only birkin u r looking for!!
  14. Thanks for the assurances GK & PL. No worries--I plan on declaring whatever I buy.

    Morganng--this will be my one and only trip to Paris for at least a few years--it took a lot of family coordination for this one to happen so you bet I am hoping for a special bag to appear!
  15. The 34 Lindy is big and good if you want to carry umbrella, sweater, water etc. I don't know how heavy it will be fully loaded. You might want to try it out. The Bolide at 37cm is getting kind of big. Do you really want to carry a bag that large. I'm thinking between the two to go with the Lindy.

    You should think of the trim if you just want a secure, under your arm bag for daytime. You do need to think of security in a big city. You wouldn't attract as much attention.

    Bottom line, are you going to be out for the day? How much are you carrying? How heavy a bag do you want to be saddled with for 8-12 hours? I can tell you, at this point that I would go with the Trim if you are not going to need that much for the day. I usually do the
    Trim when I travel for the reasons previously stated and the security of it.

    Take you time and think about what you are doing and where you are going. Test them out, Good Luck:smile: