plonge lambskin


Jun 23, 2012
Perth, Western Australia
hello, I am interested in a Bayswater clutch that is made of plonge lambskin in Mushroom. Can anyone tell me if that type of leather or bag soft or have structure? also what is the Mushroom colour really like?? is it more grey or more a warmer beige :smile:


Jun 25, 2012
North West, England
Plonge is VERY soft & quite delicate leather .. not at all structured (in my opinion !) my Plonge Bays' would sit in a "puddle" of herself when not full / stuffed !!!! - I love Plonge, but, it is easily damaged (cut / torn) & once marked (eg colour transfer / water) it is nigh on impossible to clean without making it worse .. Mushroom is an odd colour ? I think it is more of a nude with a pink tinge BUT that may depend on the item & from when it was made ? Mulberry have had the habit of using the same colour name, but changing the actual colour (for instance Plaster Pink name is used for at least 2 diff' colours, one is quite a pale pink, the other far more orange/pink) .. Don't let any of this put you off ?!! I'd happily buy Plonge items as I adore the feel of the leather, just be aware it's not really an "every day" leather xx's


Jul 30, 2012
UK South East Coast
I agree with Holleigh, definitely not an everyday bag but absolutely divine. I think I have the bag you're talking about and it's really beautiful, very lush absolutely stunning.

It's definitely not grey, a far warmer colour, neutral and possibly does have the merest hint of pink. Mine has the Rose gold hardware with rivets and a fabulous oversized mulberry plaque, love this bag to bits

The pic doesn't do it justice far more beautifulI ITF


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