1. Does anyone like this color? Does it look old?

    I tried it on in NM, SF..didn't like it then but now I'm thinking about it again!

    Btw, I'm looking at a city. :drool:
  2. love, love, LOVE it!!!! I have two bags in plomb and pondering a third.:tup:

    It goes with almost everything and is beautiful in the City style.
  3. I've been thinking about Plomb as well. It seems like such a great variation on black. Let us know what you decide!
  4. LOVE Love this color t:huh:.... I've seen different variations of this color. From dark to light... my city seems to fall on the lighter side. LOVE it... it's like a darker color w/ a twist.. :heart:

    OH, i 4got.. it's the bBag on my avatar.
  5. so it doesn't look too old? or too "shiny"? i like the pewter too but i can't see it as an everyday bag!
  6. Love my Plomb Part-Time with Giant Silver hardware.
  7. It's not that shiney at all.. I like a little sheen to my bBags.. cause I tend to moisturize my bBags a LOT... But, its like a dark charcoal color. It's nice... but I do have to say.. the lighting at the dept stores.. i.e. NM.. don't have the greatest lighting sometime. So the bag I saw at NM looked almost black to me. But IRL under regular conditions... it's a dark charcoal color. It's nice... I'm almost sure you love it :tup: (i think!)
  8. Never seen this clor IRL, but been drooling all over our PFer's bags. :drool:

    :heart: it.
  9. ahh i want a plomb step with silver hardware :sad:
  10. i also checked them out at nm sf, and it definitely depends on the bag...
    some plomb bags are really dark, almost like a dirty black...
    they had a weekender which was gorgeous and the perfect shade of gunmetal grey, but it's way to big for me...

    i'm dying to see it in the step...i'm considering getting it since i don't have any black (leather) bbags...
  11. I want to get a Plomb Day next. I love the color!
  12. I love the Plomb color! I want one in a City RH but have to wait because I am totally :banned: until Nov.
  13. I am a Plomb lover too.:woohoo::tup:
  14. does plomb come in silver as well as gold HW?
  15. YES.:yes: