Plomb...your first look

  1. i scanned this pic from the vogue paris collections book for f/w 07-08...
    looks like the plomb is a true grey, but not as dark as anthracite...


    i'm gonna scan a bigger pic...
  2. on my monitor it looks like a grey-y purpley silver...
  3. Yea me also looks like a purple heather glow from it, that would be nice!
    Perhaps it is just the purple background!
  4. :nuts: Oh wow! It does have a purple tint to it in the pic... it could be the material behind like Roz said...

    I really am loving that GH Hobo!! Think I am going to need a few different colors... :graucho:
  5. Interesting.....I would love to see this in person. Thank you for sharing!
  6. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing this pic with us. :drool:
  7. bigger pic
  8. when will this be available??? and WHY is Daphne on vacation??? :cursing:
  9. ^I bet that will look fab with silver hw. Might have to get a hobo in that. :love:
  10. pretty color. thanks for posting this for us. can't wait to see the color IRL.
  11. thanks for posting kimair! plomb is def on my wishlist. :tender:
  12. wow.. def purpley looking.. interesting :yes: thanks!!!
  13. oh yummy! that looks really cool...not boring like some of the colors they've come out with!
  14. thanks everyone! :heart:

    so now i'm it stupid to have an anthracite and a plomb bag?
  15. OMG! It's the right mixture of gray and purple! Fall is gonna be one expensive season !