Plomb Versus Anthracite?

  1. Okay, I'm sure everyone is thinking about this question so much that they can't sleep. LOL. Just kidding. I've been on the search for an Anthracite RH Part Time. If I end up getting something in the Anthracite color, is it crazy to get Plomb too? I love the way the Anthracite has blue-ish green-ish tones to it, but I've also seen some cute "Plomb" pics. Help? :smile: Is it insane to get both?? If I got a Plomb, I'd want it in the Day style.
  2. As long as the styles are different, I don't think it's too much to get both colors if you like both colors...but this is coming from someone who has 7 brown bags:wlae:
  3. a plomb day would be amazing!! go ahead if you can afford both...i think they are gorgeous colors but if u have to pick one then i'd say plomb all the way!! :smile:
  4. ITA :tup: as long as it's a diff style, I think it's justified... I mean it's not like they're the SAME color... just similar... someone was saying on another thread that I posted a while back that they're actually really diff colors... so thats why I've decided to get an anthra city and a Plomb PT SGH... and with different hardware (?) it's a diff style altogether! you should go for it! the plomb from all the pics I've seen is absolutely gorg!

    keep us posted!

  5. I have a RH Anthracity and would love a Plomb Day with SGH, they are very different colours imo.
  6. You guys are not help at all. hahaha.
  7. I have an Anthraday with GH, and would also love to have a Plomb or Steel city with the new silver hardware in my collection - two totally different bags/uses for me!
  8. I have the anthracite money wallet and am on the search for the plomb/steel in SGH Day (Loony where did you get yours?????). I think the colors look to be quite different. They are both beautiful IMHO!!!!! You can never have too much of a good thing...:drool:
  9. I don't have one yet, it's just something that I would like :graucho: I don't even know if it exists in that combo. I asked a SA in Selfridges about it and she said they should be getting them but you never know with these things.
  10. This picture was sent from Kim @ BalNy to my sister (blessings) then to me.. hope this helps..
    Plomb/ Steel has a blue undertone & is actually like a dark greyish blue IRL. (It's a tad lighter than the picture)

  11. I would totally pick the Anthracite.
  12. Never seen them IRL but from pictures people posted I would vote for Anthracite (love the color... just like my anthracite Acura TL)
  13. Argh... that makes it even harder!
  14. I'm usually not a fan of GH at all, but I'm LOVIN' this one!!!!!!!!! GET IT!:p
  15. You can totally do both colors. I have an anthra rh city, anthra GH work and I plan to get a Courier in Plomb/Steel. Each bag serves a different purpose, so to speak. Go for it!