Plomb (steel) vs. black?

  1. Hi there,
    I have the option of getting steel or black...does anyone have comparison pics that they can post? I am having a really hard time making a decision. Does anyone have both colors and can you speak on why you like one more than the other? THANK YOU!
  2. I am shure somebody will post pics personally I prefer the steel with SGH and black RH even if the black SGH is really pretty too.
  3. [​IMG], the coin purse is steel, with the black city...might help ya :smile:
  4. thanks for posting this as i'm debating between a plomb and black too! :smile:
  5. thanx for the pic~~ very helpful
  6. Hello! I would do a quick search using the "Search" function of the subforum. Type in "Plomb versus black". That should bring up a lot of results since this has been discussed several times.

    Best of luck!
  7. Hey.. Had the same dilemma a month or so back, finally decided on the steel because I have many black bags, and I thought Balenciaga had so many pretty colours it seemed like such a pity to go with black!

    Have never regretted the steel/plomb, I have posted 2 pics in a much earlier post, it is a very very dark grey and looks ALMOST black, but I feel this colour has more "depth" does that make sense? Have gotten many compliments on this colour too!

    Personally I think if you have a lot of black bags already, go with the steel. If you don't and you want a basic black bag you can carry anywhere, then go w black! Either way you won't go wrong :tup:
  8. black is common i think , i prefer steel
  9. Thanks to all who replied! I went with black because I do not have a black bag. I've got a black brief and a caramel twiggy on their way to me...very excited! :smile: