PLOMB = STEEL!! sorry, oops!!

  1. so sorry for the panic - i just called and spoke to another SA. PLOMB is called STEEL at BAl NY

    so sorry everyone - i wish i could correct the thread title! i've got to blame Crystal for this - she's the one who lead me astray....

    again, sorry! :p
  2. No worries! It's important to figure these things out, ESPECIALLY when dealing with Bal colors...I mean, they have 3 names for each color: French, Italian and English.

    That's so not efficient!
  3. Thanks Nicole for the least we are not clear what's that...hahahah
  4. That's really helpful, thanks!
  5. I've let you an answer in your first post,with all french tranlations(plomb=lead...;):p)Happy to hear you'll have your dream bag!