Plomb or Black City? What would you choose?

  1. I hope everyone here can help to get a bag to wear all year around.. Thank you!
  2. Of course, black is the queen of versatile colors, could not be a mistake, but is also always available. A lot of SA's and others in the know think plomb is going to be a fabulous, fantastic gray, and it will just be available for one season. Maybe that could be a little bit of a departure from black, yet still really usable? If you are a fan of GH, this color would look especially beautiful with the silver version. I'm not even a gray lover and I'm going to give it a try.
  3. I voted for plomb...I think it would be beautiful with big silver hardware!
  4. I agree with rollergirl. Give the Plomb a try. I think it'll be a nice alternative to black.
  5. ITA with everyone - go for the plomb! i think with the SGH, it will look totally rockstar. AND you can always get black, but plomb is a limited run. go for it:tup:
  6. Another vote for plomb w/SGH!
  7. i voted for plomb!
  8. i am hoping i am going to love plomb and that you will too!
  9. I think plomb is going to be one of the big colors for next season, so I'll vote for that over black!
  10. Seems like Plomb wins the vote.. :nuts::graucho: Ladies.. Thank you for the opinions! You all have always been kind and helpful to all those bal newbie, included myself!
  11. Another vote for plomb!
  12. :tup:I think Plomb with the Silver GH would be a really nice look!
  13. my choice will be plomb w silver HW and it's a gorgeous color, something different rather than black!
  14. I didn't post a vote, but I would tend towards Plomb with SGH. I'm not 100% about it yet, since I've not seen it IRL, though.

    Perhaps some of our members who were at the trunk show could pipe in and let us know their thoughts about plomb?!
  15. I vote for Plomb because I think I prefer the GH in silver
    Plus you'll can always have a black GH later ;)