Plomb or Anthracite?!

  1. Hi everyone... here are the pics of my city with SGH .... the story is that it was sold to me as an anthracite but I'm sure its a plomb ...:confused1: What do you all think?

    Now the question is.. shall I keep it or return to hunt down an anthracite.... I really love the SGH which anthra doesnt have but was attracted to the anthracite colour as it was quite a "changeable" colour!

    My little b-bag family is an emerald box, a violet coin purse and a griege wallet (flying to me from USA!)

    The plomb is gorgeous, amazing leather....:heart:

    001.JPG 002.JPG 003.JPG 004.JPG
  2. I've just realised this is under shopping... should it be moved?
  3. I think the bag looks gorgeous, prudence. I'd certainly keep it, but you must feel really happy with it. I've got an Aquamarine GGH City, which for me has a very formal evening look and I use it for just that. However, the GSH looks as if it has both i.e. could be dressed up for casual use or as an evening bag. Hope this helps your decision.

    PS Perhaps PM a Mod to ask them to move this for you into the general section?
  4. That's a gorgeous shade of Plomb/Steel! :tup: I'm waiting impatiently until November is over so I can get my hands on a Plomb RH City but everytime I see one I want to just ditch my ban and say to he** with it! Congratulations!!
  5. definitely plomb. i love this color with gsh but then if you're looking for anthracite, you shouldn't settle!
  6. Thanks all.... I think I'm going for the plomb, its really gorgeous... and looks amazing with the GSH :heart:
  7. I LOVE plomb!!! I say definitely keep it!!!!!!
  8. Great decision, prudence. Congrats on a fantastic bag.
  9. I prefer plomb to anthra... i say keep it... esp if you love the SGH... and I find plomb more versatile than anthra IMO... good luck!
  10. Anthra is much more trans-seasonal IMO
  11. As others have said, that's definitely plomb (or maybe even black, but I'm assuming it just looks dark in the photos). In any case, not anthra. I looove anthra, so I wouldn't give up looking for it if I were you, but that's a gorgeous bag you've got there. I think you'd certainly have room for it and an anthra!
  12. definitely plumb.
  13. I also prefer plomb to anthra but it depends what undertones you prefer and what goes better with your wardrobe.
  14. Looks stunning to me - maybe it was a helpful mix-up!
  15. It's plomb, a color I love and actually prefer to anthra... So cool! Congrats!