Plomb Gh


which one???

  1. Anthra City (RH) - wait

  2. Anthra PT (RH) - diabro

  3. Plomb/Steel City (RH) - search

  4. Plomb/Steel PT (SGH) - search

  5. bite the bullet - Anthra City (RH) and Plomb PT (SGH)

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  1. ok so I'm on the hunt for the next love of my life already :graucho:

    anyone know if the Plomb comes in the PT with SGH? theres also a little poll if you may all please vote and give me a little help here....

    I'm also considering the anthracite PT in RH on Diabro at the mo... but not sure if it is anthra coz of the picture... or should I hunt for city?

    I'm soooo addicted to Bbags now that I have my Cafe PT! geeze... I'm worried about seeing my VISA bill next week... :push:
  2. I voted for the plomb PT with SGH. It exists, and it's available...Terry at BalNY herself has one. Go for it -- it's a gorgeous combnation!!!!
  3. Pics please (plomb with SGH)... it would make the decision easier :smile:
  4. Plomb PT w/SGH :tup: