Plomb City SGH vs Black City RH

  1. HI,

    I need some help deciding. I have both bags on hold and am making my decision in the morning. What do think Plomb City with SGH or the Black City with RH?

    I have 3 firsts a Black, a Caramel and a Truffle....
  2. I would say plomb SGH !! Great bag!:tup:
  3. P.S Either way you decide, please post pics when you get her!
  4. PLOMB W/SGH!!!! It's a BOMB!!!:tup:
  5. Thanks! You guys crack me up!!
  6. Sigh, I want a plomb city w sgh :drool: so if you get that one I will have to live vicariously through you :girlsigh:
  7. Plomb - it's dark like black, but I think it's more interesting and will be gorgeous w/ the GSH! I keep looking at a PT Plomb, but I'm so over the Bal budget it's not even funny!
  8. I would definitely go with the plomb! I think plomb looks so great with GH!!
  9. I vote plomb GSH. The combination is so rock'n'roll!:rochard:
  10. Looks like Plomb with GSH is the favorite! I can't wait to see it.....
  11. Another vote for Plomb GSH!
  12. Plomb GSH!!
    I have a Plomb RH City and love her to bits! I would get GSH but GH just doesn't work for me
  13. I vote for Plomb GSH as well! Not because I am biased as I have Plomb hobo!
  14. mmmm definitely the plomb!!!
  15. Hmmm - I think you need both as they are very different. If you have to chose I think the RH Black City is something you are going to buy at some time so it might as well be now if you can find a good one.