Plomb & Black SH comparison pics....

  1. Hi

    These bags came today....

    Comparison pics of Grey vs Black in SH, Grey in SH vs RH, and my beloved grey SH taken inside and outside:yahoo:

    work black vs plomb sh.JPG

    Plomb sh vs rh.JPG

    WORK SH grey inside 2.JPG

    Work SH steel 2.JPG
  2. Wow, they're all beautiful:heart:

    They're all so smooshy and yummy:drool:

    Are you keeping all of them?
  3. They're so smooshy and thick, leather is not veinny as last season's.
    Thinking of keeping grey silver but I'll decide in a few days... :yahoo:
  4. LORDY! Gorgeous bags!!!!!
  5. :nuts: They're all beautiful but the plomb with silver is breathtaking!:drool:
  6. what's the weight difference between SGH and RH?
  7. Wow, great pics! I can see the difference... It looks great with SH and RH.
  8. They are all gorgeous!! I love the grey RH!
  9. plomb and black look the same to me...simply gorgeous...congrats..I hope you keep them all :smile:
  10. The plomb with RH and with SGH look so different from each other. I like it with SGH better. Congrats!
  11. It looks like the color on the rh one is lighter. Is that true? I love the silvery undertones on the rh one.
  12. I LOVE the Plomb with RH....STUNNING! Will you be keeping both?
  13. the plomb with SGH seems so much darker than the one with RH...
    so confusing! :confused1:

    in the first pic, is the plomb on the right?
  14. Gorgeous!!! I'm really loving the plomb color both in SGH and RH. Thanks for taking the time to posts love LOVE seeing all the new bags coming in. Let us know what you decide to keep.
  15. plomb is gorgeous!