plomb and magenta


Oct 13, 2006
hi guys..

can any of u sweethearts show me a swatch or a picture of how the plomb and magenta of f/w 2007 looks like...these r my 2 options for my FIRST EVER CITY or WORK!!
Feedback on my options along with your pictures, would be appreciated!! thnx guys....if i get this, id be in ure family!!:smile:
Nov 24, 2006
New York
I think if you search for F/W 07 you should find a swatch board wtih the plomb. I don't think I've seen a photo of that color on a bag yet.

As for Magenta, it's a special order from Bal NY only, and I think it only comes in a City. Hopefully someone else will correct me if I'm wrong! The deadline for ordering has come and gone, but you can call them to find out how you can get one now...if they had one on display (saw it in lulublue's thread on going to Bal NY) in a City, they must have some available for sale -- unless that was display only from the trunk show.