Plisse scarf??

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  1. Does anyone have pictures of how to wear these scarves?
  2. I LOVE Plisses! They are lovely and very easy to wear.

    This is Petit Metiers........

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  3. Shopmom, you look great!!!

    Juliamike, you could also use a scarf ring for another kind of look. I always feel the scarves are a bit....hmmm....bunchy for a lack of a better way to describe them?? The weather where I am is semitropical even in winter and so a scarf can be a bit warm and the scarf rings help gather them out of the way and still create an individual look.
  4. always has pictures - click on a scarf, and you get a bunch of links in the bottom right hand corner - go to playtime with your scarf
  5. Wow Shopmom you look gorgeous with the scarf! Thanks for sharing.

    Have you ever sent the plisse back to Paris to have them re-plissed?? And what instructions do you give your dry cleaner? Besides not to press them flat of course...

  6. shopmom , you look stunning!!!! thank you for sharing pictures.
  7. MissPiggy......I have not yet had to send for re-pleating BUT I have sent a flat scarf (my Poivone scarf in pink/white) for pleating and it came back looking FANTASTIC!!! Like a whole new and different scarf! I also don't have experience yet with dry cleaning them.....but it is recommended that you roll them up after each use....I usually replace them rolled up and inside their little round boxes. On the front of each box (I know....I'm anal this way) I have a pink sticky which has the name of the scarf design on it so I know what's inside.....
  8. Oh Shopmom,does it take long time to pleat a regular scarf?do you remeber how much does it cost?i have 2 flat scarf but i much more prefer plisse!!!
  9. I brought mine in July and just picked it up two weeks ago so it's running about 4 months but they are sent to Paris and you get it back in a darling round box! The cost was $55.00 but well worth it IMO. I was never wearing my Poivones and now I know I'll be wearing it a lot in the Spring (colors are pale pinks/white)! I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
  10. Here's "Pivoines" before..........

    and "Pivoines" after.......

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  11. wow!!!!it looks soooooooo gorgeous with the pleats. definitely something i will have to keep in mind for my scarf purchases. 4 months is such a long wait but for those results i think is well worth the wait.
  12. Gorgeous, Shopmom!
  13. It's so gorgeous. I am tempted to get my Pivonines done too.
  14. I saw that you bought one too, CXYVR and though I fell in love with it (and Peony's are my favorite flower) I found that I was just not wearing it enough because the flowers were too overpowering for with it pleated, I know it'll be a staple in my Spring/Summer wardrobe! Plus it's not too much fabric to wrap around myself in the warmer weather, KWIM?
  15. yeah that's a great idea. I love the colors and the peonies but I didn't know how to wear it either. I would love to see a pic of you wearing it when you have time.